Php data to flash array


i have this small problem. I have searched trough this forum a lot, and found some people with the same problem but I could find a good answer to make my project work.

here’s the thing: I have a php file which grabs variables from a database.

i need these varb’s to go into my array in flash. I have moste of the code but it won’t work.

Problem: get those variables into that array


<?$conn = mysql_connect(“localhost”,"","") or die(“Kan geen verbinding maken met dabatase.”);
mysql_select_db(“mariosrealm”) or die(“Kan database niet selecteren.”);
$q = “SELECT * FROM menu ORDER BY id DESC;”;
$r = mysql_query($q) or die(“Kan query niet uitvoeren.”);

$output = “&titels=”;
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($r))
$output .= $row[“menu_titel”]."|";
$output = substr($output,0,-1);
echo $output;

flash (1 frame)

loadVariablesNum(“menu.php”, 0, “GET”);
menuArray = new Array();
menuArray = titels.split("|");

i = 0;
item_mc = this.attachMovie(“blokje”, “blokje”+i, i);
item_mc._x = 20;
item_mc._y = 65;
item_mc.menuText.text = menuArray*;

for (i=1; i<menuArray.length; i++) {
item_y = item_mc._y+item_mc.height+43;
item_mc = this.attachMovie(“blokje”, “blokje”+i, i+1);
item_mc.menuText.text = menuArray*;
item_mc._x = 20;
item_mc._y = item_y;

the meaning of the project is: he grabs the menuitems (about me, blog, portofolio etc) from the database

then these menutitles have to go into an array.
then the actionscript creates as many buttons as there are menuitems.

maybe one movie clip is exactly on top of the others so you see only one :stuck_out_tongue: (kinda lame answer :P)