Flash PHP Forms

Hey Folks,

I need a hand!
Any body has an idea to tackle flash 8 forms with PHP, I ve tried to view loads of information, but no solution yet. Got my Flash send button configured like this

on (release) {
// send variables in form movieclip (the textfields)
// to email PHP page which will send the mail
form_mc.loadVariables(“email.php”, “POST”);

This sends all the variable plus the HTML formatting tags, same to the email field which comes with the tags as well [FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=2]From: “/[email protected]” </[email protected]> or “<TEXTFORMAT LEADING=“2”><P ALIGN=“LEFT”><FONT FACE=“Swis721 Lt BT” SIZE=“11” COLOR=”#666666" LETTERSPACING=“0” KERNING=“0”>[email protected]</FONT></P>" </[email protected]>[/SIZE][/FONT].
Need your help folks. Thanks