Flash+PHP+mySQL= ..?

Ok, forum is up, i’m still working on it, but i wouldn’t mind some feedback: log-in ok? everything works? not too slow?..whatever…

“Credits” not working.
Comming up: more avatars to choose from,
cookies so you don’t need to log on every time,
user details update panel…and more…

As soon as I’m happy with it, i’ll make all of the files available for download…
but you gotta wait some more :slight_smile:

Link: eyezberg.free.fr/forum/av…Board.html

(don’t use “Bookmark”, it works, but i already put the final URL in there…)

I like it joe. I logged in fine and the speed was preety good.
Nice job :slight_smile:

Nice lookin board Eyez…

I ran into a problem. I started to make a post, then hit cancel, and the clock dial just keeps spinning without result.

I’ll see if I can reproduce the errror.

Looks really nice though.

hmmm… it did it when I hit the “back” button too.

did that for me too…

That’s why you call on friends… beta testing. :slight_smile:

Upu, I would really like your opinion on my thread if you get a chance sometime…

Sorry for using your thread to get other people’s attention Eyez…

Thanks so far to all of you, when would this back-bn problem arise? (back from where?)
I’ll let you know when anything worthwile is improved, and it will, in it’s finished version, be included in a new version of eyezberg.com; i’m slowly building the individual components, once they work (technically), i will have to start the redesign to personalize all of it…
Thanks again

Ok, v2 is out with some minor improvments:


-only back-bn still not working (forgot to upload the corrected swf)is in Update User Details…
-but you are now able to update your user details! (some of 'em…)
-credits work

I asked Vectorkid for permission to use his designs, the guy said no, so I’ll design new ones next; if any of you would like to have his own, send me a fla with it and I’ll set it up for you before the board goes live…soon i hope…or if you’d just like to contribute some, you’re welcome too, something ‘icy - watery- eyey’ if possible…

Thanks for your beta testing and feedback, i really appreciate!
Left to do: include html-enabled textfields to post links, set up cookies, add one more option in the user details to insert homepage link…

c ya joe
–beta coder–waiting to be promoted to alpha status–

it looks fabulous! very easy on the eye!

i hope to write my own board at some point (‘to do’ item number 101) and i was going to do it using php and mysql for the backend

you’ve beat me to it

easy on the eye, lol…
thanks, and: i didn’t writte it, just used Steve Webster’s excellent book and all the input for the tweaks from the forum at phpforflash.com!
Merci :wink: