Flash Player 6 and Flash 2004 MX compatability


I have a quick issue with Flash Player 6 and Flash 2004 MX. I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem? And if so, is there a resolution?

I pretty much followed the Actionscript 3d Cube tutorial to the tee and published it using Macromedia Flash 2004 MX. I view the movie with Flash player 7 and everything is fine. My problem is when I get to work, the cube does not show at all. The only thing that I can identify is that the player at work is version 6. I cannot update it because of permission issues.

When I bring up the Actionscript 3d Cube tutorial at work, the sample DOES show the cube rotating. I’m believe though that the work was created and published using Flash MX or older.

Now as a programmer, you must understand that I would like the movie to be viewed under both versions. Can someone tell me how I can solve this problem?