Flash Player 8 getURL problems?

Hi All,

This is kind of a question and a possible resolve in one. I have been using Flash MX2004 for upgrading an academic site and recently downloaded the trial of Flash 8. This of course upgraded my player from v7 to v8. I’ve now found that when I test any local swf and click on a navigation link to another website (or video in this case) - nothing happens!?

I’ve had the security question and answered allow all but nothing has happened (go figure).

What I’m hoping, and if I’ve read the Macromedia support pages correct, when this goes up to HTTP the swf files will actually work and link properly. It’s only when the files are in a local directory (for safety) that they don’t work (if the security option has gone haywire).

Am I correct in assuming that? I really hope so otherwise I’ve lost days of work.

Can anybody confirm the HTTP idea?

Cheers - Bazza