Flash Player debugger error

I’m trying to play/debug an AS3 project in FlashDevelop, but I’m having some issues. I have all of the latest debugger versions of Flash Player, and FD is opening them correctly, but when I attempt to run the movie in the player with debugging, I get a popup asking me to where the debugger is, either “localhost” or “other computer” (with a field for an ip address). But when I do either one I get an error message “*A connection to the debugger or profiler could not be established by Adobe Flash Player *10”. I’ve tried both just selecting ‘localhost’, and also choosing ‘other computer’ but just putting in, but neither works.

I’ve looked into this on google, FD forums, and adobe docs, and I’ve seen that other people have had this problem before, with varying solutions working for different people. I’ve tried every solution I’ve found, including uninstalling/reinstalling flash player debugger, restarting the computer, checking the mm.cfg file, updating to the latest flex sdk, and so on, but nothing’s working for me. Have any of you guys run into this problem before?

Also, I have Flex Builder 3 Pro, when I try debugging the app with that, it opens the movie in IE, but that Flash Player gets the same debugger connection error that the stand-alone player gets.