Flash player needed in html

Im facing a problem here and it’s urgent!I have a
CD here which is going to publish flash as html for
viewing. I choose html rather than projector due
to some reasons.But the problem is if other’s
people pc doesn’t has Flash MX installed,or flash
plugin eventhough they have IE4 and above,they can’t
view it at all!I tried the latest updater flash player
from Macromedia but it requires user to install flash MX.

One more thing,it’s unwise to ask people to surf net to
install the plugin from Macromedia since I can’t
download the plugin but only can install it directly to
my pc.Help please…is that a plugin that I can download
and put in my CD so that user can install it if they don’t
have? Or is there any other better solution?
Thanx a lot!!

yes go to macromedia and do a search for the shockwave player fill out a form and you can freely become a distributor of the macromedia shockwave plugin, which then you can put on your site so people can download it or on a cd-rom based presentation :wink: