Flash problem? Randomly occurring error. Help!

This is messed up. I have a small ‘profile’ window on a page, allowing users to change their login info.
On the frame where the input fields appear, there is a stop() command.
On loading the movie, the stop() is sometimes ignored, and this happens 1 every 5 or 6 times. Has anyone else had unpredictable errors like this?

Thanks all!

I’m not sure about this. I seem to have this problem at times in the past, but rarely lately. I have no explination though…

thanks, that’s the answer I’ve been getting the most. The best suggestion I’ve gotten so far is to double or triple-up stop commands in the proper frame (different layers)

I prefer to use solutions because they make sense, not just because they work, but what can you do, eh?

I think as you encounter these glitches in the program, you find ways around them. Eventually you just program around them without even knowing about them. Which is why I haven’t run into that in a while. :slight_smile: