Random problem - need a genius

I have created a flash site for a photographer friend of mine.


I am really happy with the design and the way it works.

80% of the times you go into the site it works fine.

But sometimes you just get catastrophic failure (to borrow a NASA term)
the movie breaks past a ‘stop’ action and just keeps cycling through the timeline ignoring all stops and ‘go tos’:hair:

it can happen anywhere in the movie, but once it starts, it can’t be rectified
unless you refresh and reload the movie.

Can any one help? it is just beyond me.

My client/friend would even pay to have it fixed.(he is not rich though) and I have done the site for free.

NB to see the problem you may have to load the movie a few times or you night lucky/unlucky and see it happen first time

it usually occurs when you go into a menu.

email me personally if you think you can help

[email protected]