Flash Project for the school I need help

So I would like to provide with pleasure for the school a “Flash film”, I also have an idea, but I don’t know what I need for codes, so I hope I find here a person who could script

So my plan
I have fancied there is a bomb
on it is right digital counter. On the page 2 of wires of a blue other red or in such a way, these both wires are used as buttons, that is one must click on one of the both within counterstime if this is not done exploded the whole one, if wrong wire (all the same which) is also pulled exploded. If right wire (other) is pulled stopt the counter.

Oh first only one should watch button be stands on the pressing if one him presses it appears bombs and zeitschaltungsuhr is activated.

Graphically less a problem is whole this I can make, but action script I am not able yet.

If somebody scripten was able itself with it knows a lot I would be glad gigantically

one more asks how demandingly is from scripten, one can learn this relatively fast (my idea)

I search in addition still a good useful Doing for an explosion (nothing has up to now found)

Thx for every help and I excuse me for my english, it’s translated by a online translator xD I’m so sorry for this…