Any suggestions

i wanna start a new project in flash. i dont know much scripting, rather i am in the learning phase. so please can anyone suggest me a small project which can be completed within a short span of time. i am learning the scripting in flash refering the tips and exmaples given in
please suggest at the earliest.

I’m currently working on an essay, one of many, which will introduce a new flasher to the various functions of the program. I’ve been writing furiously as I still have tutorials to finish as well, and they all need to be done by x-mass.

Hopefuly, it will be of some use to a lot of you new Flashers.

To know, exactly what level people are at I’ve been working on some questions.

I’m assuming at this point that you know how to create buttons, movie clips, and graphics, and that in general, you know the difference between them. I’m assuming that you’ve opened up a button object and edited it’s 4 frames, “up” “over” “down” and “hit”.

I’m assuming that you’ve entered in basic key frame action script. i.e. in frame 4, you have a stop(); action, perhaps also a button which tells the movie to play();, or gotoAndPlay();


Is there anything more advanced that you’ve done than these things?.. if so, what?

this will give me an idea of what is not possible for you yet. :slight_smile: I’m here all night so don’t feel like you can’t have some fun Flashing this evening. :wink:

I can totally relate to being new to actionscripting. I had a pretty good grip on standard html pages and image editing software. I was also able to grasp cgi(note not write perl scripts, just understand enough to configure and get them to work). So I was fiddling around with flash for a few months thinking I could figure it out like I had all the other things I had done.

To make a long story short, do all the tutorials provided by macromedia step-by-step, as slow as you have to until you understand the functions. I think flash 5 has a tute where you build a website from start to finish, the Kite one. Also, find short tutes that are interesting to you and do those too. tutes, tutes, tutes. Kirupas site was the first place I found with tutes that were manageable for a newbie.

Don’t be like me!!! I got a form mail working in flash with php before I really knew how to use the stop and GoTo actions!!! Thats kind of backwards I think!!! Good luck, Im still learning too! :slight_smile:

lol… that is backwards… but a comendable accomplishment… I’m still working through the php stuff. uggg…

<~pounding head against wall

hi upuaut8
well even i am doing flash animator. just ans this.
i want an image to be of the size say 440x500, on mouse roll over . how do i do that.

i know all the basics of flash and wanna do some scipting.

but small on roll off?

Ok… that kind of makes sense, because it’s something you could do with either the button, as in, “over” state has a pic that’s that big, or, you could do it with a/s.


1)Create a button.
2)Import your picture and place it on the stage. Size it to the size you’d like the thumbnail to be first, then press F8 and make it a movieClip.
3)select the movieClip if it is not already selected, and give it a name of “picture1”, in the “instance” panel.
4)click on the button to select it, and open your a/s panel.
5)try this code… see how it works.


First try that and tell me if it worked. (Im not near my flash… and you’d be surprised at some of the mistakes I make. :wink: )

If that works think on this.

_xscale and _yscale, control the property, scale of both the width and height of the movie clip.
_x and _y, control the x and y LOCATION of the movie clip.

Add code to the above (again… only if it’s working.:slight_smile: ) to not only scale the movie clip but to move it to a specific location on rollOver.

After that, I got another trick for you to try…

hey it worked ya. thanx. but u know i wanted it this way…
i dont want the button 2b create. instead , when i move the mouse over the thumbnail image, it should get enlarged. hope u have gat my question. i created the instance of the same image, then i created the button of the same image,n tried to write the same code in it, but it didnt worked. so wat do i do now???
lemme xplain my prob further…like if i have 8-10 thumbnails on my scene, then according 2 ur code i need to create that many buttons, isnt it? instead it would b more interactive if i just move the mouse over the thumbnail and geta larger view of it.
i hope now u must have got my problem.:slight_smile:

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