Flash Resume - Need help with coding please

Hello all,

Let me begin by stating that all I know about Flash is what I’ve been able to teach myself over the past couple days. I apologize for my ignorance, but I’m kind of desperate here…

I purchased a Flash Resume from www.wowresume.com, which I intend to post on my new website - just as an added tool for my job search. Wowresume has an online text editor in which you input your information (I believe it is a Flash program itself). However, your options are EXTREMELY limited as far as how you can format your text.

Anyways, you input all your information and they send you a .zip file that contains your flash resume. Unfortunately, the resume is a .exe file (not a .fla or .swf) and it looks like it draws all of my specific information from a .tmp file. I’ve been able to make some headway by copying the code in the .tmp file, pasting it into MS FrontPage, and editing it there ~ but the Flash program is rejecting a lot of my code. I’m assuming this is because Flash coding is not exactly the same as HTML??? For instance, I can’t get second-level bullets to appear at all…

I know this is probably a basic question, but if anyone has the patience to help me out or point me to an appropriate tutorial, I’d greatly appreciate it.