Flash Shopping Cart


“Flash Kart is the web’s first fully modular, fully skinnable shopping cart system for Flash MX® and (coming soon) SWiSHmax®.
Integrating Flash Kart into new or existing Flash sites is a snap – just add buttons! No back-end scripting or session variables to contend with. With Flash Kart, a single, simple line of code is all that’s required.
Flash Kart updates in real-time. _No clicking over to extra pages simply to view what’s in your cart, find out how much you’ve spent or adjust item quantities. _All computations are done “on the fly.” Also, Flash Kart is ready to processes purchases the moment it begins loading, so dial-up customers will not have to wait for the program to fully load in order to begin buying your products.”

Personal Opinion: a bit ugly for $75 and only a (bad) Paypal integration…!

I don’t see how paying 49 bucks for a Flash Shopping cart is expensive at all - you all know very well that creating this cart on your own would take hours on end - I know, becuase I did create a flash shopping cart myself, and if i had known about flash kart prior, most likely I would have dropped the $49 in a heartbeat.

I’m even thinking of spending the $49 just to get a look at the cart.

Geez people, it’s a shame when someone does all of the leg-work for us, and we tell them they’re not even worth a measly $49.