Flash site from brazil

please check


thanks ! :pirate:

simple and professional - not too busy, I like it.

hey there,

I liked your site :slight_smile: Very cool, simple and easy to use.

One thing that happened when I viewed your site: It scared the crap out of me. The music was decently loud (and my volume was turned up more than normal), and there wasn’t a way to turn it off. I know it was moreso intro music, so maybe it’s not a big deal. (Btw, I’d also suggest a change that ends your music with your intro… for me it kept playing while you switched from intro to your site).

Besides that, it was a very sharp looking site, good job :slight_smile:

Uth :nerd:


thanks buds

i saw that bug in the site, i nedd time to fix him ;/

anyway, thank again ! :bandit:

see ya
(sorry my english)

just one things i could see. the font next to the loading animation is it a pixel font? some of the letters are filled in, i have fallen victim to pixel fonts in the past. if they are pixel just tweek the spacing on the stage. make shure the location of the text (x,y) is not a decimal but a round number and try multiples of 8 for the text size(but other sizes may work). this is just asmall detail and just a suggestion. great original look to your site!

nice work

something i noticed is in the portfolio … when u go over the image for a web site it expands the image a bit to the right ???
looks a bit weird … i dunno if anyone else noticed

the rest look wicked

¨˜”°º• angelizer •º°”˜¨


YELLOW!!! Loved it!!! You got a keeper here. Awesome work!! Like everyone else, simple and easy.