Flash site need help BADLY

OK…I’m really sorry about this. But I am terrible at flash. I have my basic flash site done, but with so many glitches and terrible scripting and animation follies I have no idea what to do. I was wondering if someone on here had the time to look over it and edit it/fix it/tell me what to do to fix it? Please help, most of it can’t be helped unless you see the coding, it just for some reason is ****ing up a lot and since I’m such a novice I just get confused and frustrated. I’ve been working on this for the last 2 months, and I jsut cant get it right. If you are interested in helping please respond to this message.
Thank you so much. I apologize for being dumb or whatever.

If you want to see what I mean this is the main portion of the site.


these are a few of the bugs.

+The text on the ‘home.swf’ page will not show up if it’s dynamic
+When you click on a toon it doesn’t stay at the designated ‘stop’ frame, it advances to play automatically.
+When you click on a toon it loads it, but it won’t stay in the 550x400 designated box in the ‘screen’. you can see the extras and what not.
+the glare is over everything, is there a way to have it above the dark spots, but disapear during other times?
+there are several others but those are the main ones. please help -_-
I am willing to send the FLA’s or whatever if anyone wants to help me.

Thank you.

One thing that bugs me is the writing with numbers. Lose that. It took me about 5 M1NU735 70 R34D 7H3 L1NK5 PA93. See? It’s more annoying than you think. I don’t mind it on the preloader but for everythin else drop it.
It’s a good idea but the TV doesn’t really look like a TV that much. You should use a photograph of an old TV with that type of buttons. Put more buttons/knobs on in Photoshop if you need them (or if you want I could do that for you). Is this just a site for fun or a portfolio site or what?
I can’t really help with the Flash coding much because I am a designer but I at least think that these suggestions would make your site look more appealling.

woah…plenty of bugs in there…huge load times aswell need to be addressed for publishing that on the web…

yeah, I second what flash g has said about the tv, get a image off google, the import into flash and trace bitmap. will look a lot better

I felt relieved when i clicked on the off button! and that isnt saying anything about the quality of your site,. but it made me realize that it is something that just doesnt exsist on web pages AT ALL!! it is always on! you can never turn it off. - great concept, even if it wasnt intended that way.

either way, that should be looked at as well. i wouldnt want people turning off my website, unless my website was about that.

As for the AS,… i am in your shoes at the moment. I have like 3 books open in front of me,. and like a million tabs open seraching forums, reading, and taking notes. I am just rying anything out… mostly on test files that i create,. and trying hard to learn… i have found that if i ask myself a question, like: how do i get a preloader to work… I follow that question,… and take notes along the way.

are you doing most of that with tweens? is that why they are so big?

the static is why the things are so big, I am trying to lower the times, the only way I can is by unloading the static (however some people have commented that it is an annoyance anyway). Thanks for the idea about an old TV. Guess I’ll start back to work… I’ll post back afterward