Flash Template

Hi !
I did this template long time ago. do you think i should work on it or put it in my trashcan? :wink:


thanks for reply.

Doesn’t look like it needs too much work, it’s very clean and neat, definitely don’t trash it.

try and reduce the animations on the button(<edit), in some cases animations can be long, but it in your case it doesn’t need that much animation!

never trash a peice of work!

definitely don’t trash it. but i’d change it so it doesn’t say “F your logo”. haha.

Not worth scrapping, very nice and tidy format. Proof that it dosnt need to be all singing and dancing to be a cool site.

Nice work. Develop your ideas on this and who knows where it can end.


Can’t you sell a layout like that on one of those template layout sites?

It seemed sellable to me.

Problem being is most of those site’s sell templates for $30. So he/she wouldn’t make much money.

I’d keep it around it will come in handy, it seems nice to me :slight_smile:

i know this is a template, but those blurred faces give me a creepy feeling:hat:

When you go from the link “the firm” to “products” some of the letters stick on the right hand frame…

Definitely not a trash-worthy site:)

all right thanks to all of you!

(+) easy nav.
(+) nice & fast transitions.

(-) a little bit hmm…impersonnal, but i know…its a template :slight_smile:

detail: percentage text in the preloader is selectable. That’s a no no.

dont trast it it looks good