Looking for some opinions on this site

Wondering what the general opinion was on this site. It’s the company a friend of mine works with.


I think they did a good job of incorporating flash without overdoing it.

This is a great place to ask for critique!


Thanks, I thought about that, but it’s not my work, so I wasn’t really sure where to drop it.

the Clients thing on every page, its sticking out…kind of seems out of place. it should be lowered with the other content.

Ummm… no, it shouldn’t be lowered, looks good the place it’s at. it also looked good when i first saw it on template monster.

Wrong place for this thread.

Where would you like it? This is where it got moved to.

in my opinion, it should be moved down with the other content. they should be on the same line. that way it looks more balanced.

why conform to every standard on the web. if you lower it, it will definately look bland. what that does is gives it a little bit of pop. clients aren’t looking for things that they can get anywhere. they want something different and more “original”.

I like the style alot, it’s nice and clean, but imo way to templately

sorry couldn’t resist taking a screenshot too, it’s of a sub-page, here’s what the numbers mean:

  1. BROKEN IMAGE doesn’t help

  2. I’m not saying it’s easy to do background removal, but don’t put it on a background that makes it so obvious then, I noticed this immediately

  3. Why’s there a line on this page only?

Personally I like it. It is soothing and well balanced to me. With those template monster templates./ Usually only the header or the nav are flash so I guess that is cool. But the factt hat it is a template jumps off the page more than anything else. But that is from a designer standpoint. From a regualr user I would say it conveys well.


I just noticed some of the buttons do not match and the seem down the side. Those are very tacky issues.


On further inspection when the title fades ina nd fades out. You notice a lil jump on the fade out of the smaller text. This person is making this template look bad.

Moved this out of Kool Sites.

Thanks for all your opinions. I’ll mention this to him later today. I asked him when he showed it to me if it was a template, but they’d already had the site up when he was hired and wasn’t sure.

I’ll mention the stuff you guys brought up.

Sorry but it says template all over it - you can spot them a mile off.

Yea, I’ve actually seen this template a few other places… Not that it is “wrong to use a template”, but I’d point out that it is a template to begin with.