Flash to DVD - without loosing quality or sound

I have many animated projects/films. What I’m looking for is an easy and cheap way to get these films/projects on to DVD without degrading the quality of the video and audio signals. The only way I have found to do this up to now is to publish as a quicktime movie and throw that into Ulead DVD studio. The only problem with this is that when a project is published in quicktime it tends to loose some of the timing between the audio and the video. Thus certain animated events do not look right. The film then has to be re-tweaked which is very time consuming. Not only that but I have to have 2 versions of the same film/project on my hard drive! one for the web and one for DVD output! !:ninja:! HELP!

export the movie as an .avi and then you can do some editing in adobe afobe after affects, or any program form film editing really. im not positive, but that is what i probably what i would do if i was going from flash to dvd. hope there was somethin helpful there for ya


Thanks anyway but no can do. When u export to AVI format movie symbols and sound do not work. Also for a decent quality AVI from a 1Mb flash project u are lookin at nearly 600Mb :frowning: this is not a realistic file size to be working with.

Try publishing twice to Qt, one sound only, and one with the anim, then combine them in Qt Pro.
“Flash MX Savvy” (Sybex) has a great chapter on Flash to Video!!