Flash to JS to Flash

Got a toughy here (for me anyway).

Need to have a swf navigator pass a command to a swf titlebanner.
on an html page .
I am using fscommand and have the 2 swf’s talking to one another.
However, when I try to pass the command:

function title_DoFSCommand(command,args) {
var titleObj = isInternetExplorer ? document.all.title : document.title;
//alert(“inside titleFS”);
if(command ==“change”){

the title movie will go to the correct frame (2), however in that frame (2) I call AS to do a loadMovie();, but the AS does not run when the playhead is moved to frame (2) from the JS.

I hope this makes sense, and does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this.
I can just make a different Title swf for each section on the navigator, but they run about 55KB and would not prefer to do that.

Thanks in advance,