Flash transparency

Im working with a little project, so I needed flash transparency for it. The problems starts in Opera browser. Check it out:
http://www.astudio.lt/trans/be/main.html – without transparency
http://www.astudio.lt/trans/main.html — with transparency
In Firefox and explorer everything working nicely… Opera has issues with animations, firstly intro freeze, secondly menu rollOvers wont working right.
I’ve used option from flash in publish settings>html tab>transparency windowless.
Can anybody tell me, where is the problem here?

P.S. soft: IE 6, FF 1.5.07, Opera 9.02

Hmm… it’s weird, i’ve send it to 3 friends, and results are the same… Menu in Opera freezing, try to roll on them quickly… Using Opera 9.02 & adobe flash player 9

Works fine. Your also talking about less than 1% of the browser market with Opera. Don’t worry about it.