Transparent flash over html?

i am working on this project wherein the main frame has html content. Now is it possible to add a flash animation, let’s say, an arrow that runs around and over the html the same way a higher level swf would do over an swf? is this possible on flash or is it strictly enforced through javasripting? I just wanna know.


Transparency will only work on a couple of browsers. As long as you don’t mind excluding a bunch of mac NN users, you can use transparency… but it’s considered in poor form for this reason.

The transparency settings for the swf are located in the HTML that is published from Flash. Under publish settings there is a tab for html. Check it out, it has a bunch of speciallized features.

Once you’ve got it published, open up the html with your favorite html editor. See how the difference is between it and any of the other embed scripts that you have used. You should be able to see two specialized “wmode” tags.

Once you know where they go, you can really just add them in by hand

Hey juansk,

david is right, you can’t see the transparent flash in Netscape. So that could pose a problem. I don’t care much for Netscape, so my site has everything that works with IE, but I didn’t use codes that work in Netscape, so it doesn’t work for Netscape users. If you don’t mind only IE users being able to see your pages you can do the overlay in flash.

Attached I have written an HTML page that allows the overlay of Flash on HTML. I have never done it before, but I figured I would give it a whirl. Just download the .zip file and unzip all the files into the same folder. The .fla was made in Flash MX with suprabeeners code on random motion. There is a tutorial for it at, there is also a tutorial for Flash 5 random motion.

The .zip files includes the .fla, the .swf, the .html file and a readme.txt file which i recommend reading before you start.

If anyone else knows any other way to do this, I would be interested in how.

Hopefully this is what you wanted.