Flash ui components (combo box)

i have a combo box with 23 items or so in it. i have the names displaying and i have the change handler set to “selected”

i need to figure out the click handler and associated actionscript to put with it to make the movie go where i want it to when an item is selected



but i don’t know where to put that code or if thats all i need to put. each item in the list will obviously have a different place to go.

thanks in advance for your help

if you chose selected as your function name. That is okay, but I will use OnChange as the change handler just to avoid confusing others. You can do this…



the .data corresponds to the data items in your combo box, you can make each one of those point to a different page.

Hope that helps.

it does help tremendously but i don’t understand how i put data in the data field of the combo box’s component variables that tells it to play a certain frame of a certain symbol / instance.

is there a more thorough listing of how to use a combobox that you know of b/c i don’t want to take up all your time with my questions since i really still don’t understand