Here's a doozy for some genius out there

k … here’s the deal

i have a combobox in my movie … actually two … but the point remains the same.

i have data in them and i have set the click handler to “selected” but i don’t know where to go from there.

its been suggested to me that i use an array to define what i want each selection to do ( but i don’t know how to do that) it’s also been suggested that i use a long string of if-then statements. i understand how to write an if-then statement in flash so i think i can do this one … i just don’t understand how to refer to the objects in the combobox.

any help on this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
thanks in advance

Try the tutes. There’s one about a listbox, pretty similar, and one more general about components.

pom :cyclops:

try this thread at flashkit. it seems to be what you are looking for


any probs with the link just mail me and i will post the solution they gave (dont understand it but you can have it lolol)

pom … i checked through the tutes and found what you were talking about … but i really am too dumb apparently to figure out how to apply it to my flash movie.\

gary_bydesign: i would appreciate you emailing to me or posting that source here so i can hopefully use it … since the link didn’t work :slight_smile:

thanks very much


case Kirupa:

trace("you picked Kirupa, awesome source of tutorials and answers");

case Flashkit:

trace("you picked Flashkit, a good source of fla's, loops, backgrounds");

case Phong:

trace("you picked Phong, a great site for Photoshop tutorials");

also, do a search for OnChange and you will find other examples I’ve writton on these forums. Hope it helps.

Iammontoya: don’t suppose there’s anyway I could get you to post a source file using the combo box and having it gotoAndStop on a particular frame of an mc depending on which button you select.

i know thats a lot to ask … but i really don’t understand what to do with that code and i think maybe if i saw an example of it working … i’d be able to figure it out.

thank you so much in advance.

p.s. i searched for OnChange and kirupa returned 0 results :frowning:

There’s a working example in the tute… :stuck_out_tongue:

Except it’s a listbox, but it works EXACTLY the same.

pom :cyclops:

You must have used the wrong search. You have to use the grey search button at the top of this page. I just tried it and it returned 8 results. More than enough to explain what you’re trying to accomplish.

sorry it took so long. try typing the url yourself as it worked fine for me

this is the fla they were talking about though