Flash, video and scaling non-vector images

i have been asked to produce a short Flash movie which will also be burned to DVD, and i would like to know what effect scaling will have on any non-vector (ie imported png’s) images i use in the movie.

i intend to make the movie 720x576px (4:3 ratio) in Flash, at 24fps. when it is played on DVD it needs to scale up so it fills as much of the screen as possible.

i have two questions in this repsect:

  1. will it scale automatically when the DVD is played? if not, how can i make it do so?

  2. when it scales up in size, will the quality (ie the resolution) of the non-vector images suffer?

thanks in advance for any help you can provide


  1. If you publish your flash to run fullscreen, your movie will be distorted.

  2. The quality of the non-vector images will suffer.