Flash Video Help :)

  • is there anyone out there that could help me with loading external flash videos (flv’s) randomly (possibly from a list) into an swf?
    XML perhaps?

i’m trying out stuff new to me and i just cannot figure it out.

  • also, how to make multiple buttons that control cue points - it would be great! the AS in Flash Help only makes one and i can’t figure out how to edit the AS to make more buttons… but it got it to work! :wink:

thank you each so much!

my code looks like this for that cuepoint button:

import mx.video.FLVPlayback;
var my_flvPb:FLVPlayback;
my_flvPb.autoPlay = true;
my_button5.label = "5";

function clickMe(){
my_button5.addEventListener("click", clickMe);

I wanted 5 buttons - but all I can make is one. LOL :tb: