◊ flash/web/graphic designer bored/available! portfolio inside

Hi all! I’m a 21 year old Flash/web/graphic designer, proficient or better in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, DW, and some 3d. I can do most anything, and all my work is original and high quality.

My portfolio site is at www.attunedesigns.com and recent full sites include [url=“http://www.onemindent.com/”]www.onemindent.com and [url=“http://www.ultrixhosting.com/”]www.ultrixhosting.com . My former home is [url=“http://www.ekdesigns.biz”]www.ekdesigns.biz ; there’s some Photoshop art and other stuff there.

Go ahead and message me, email, or use the form on the site, and ill get back to you with a quote. I will be away until about the 28th of July, so feel free to email or pm me over that time.

looking forward to doing some work!

Hey attuned,

Im the head designer at AdaptiveHost/AdaptiveProductions. I just posted a job offer in the job offer section of this forum… you can check it out for all the info. Basically AdaptiveHost is a webhosting company and AdaptiveProductions is a web company we set up to handle all the design business that comes out of AdaptiveHost. I’ve got a good coder and I’m looking for someone who can do website/store layouts and someone for Flash designs. We are currently working on an online wakeboard store and need someone to design and build a layout for it. It’s worth about $200 and I’d like to find someone that will stick around for a lot of future projects (there are 3 more in line after that right now). We have our own website and forums courtesy of AdaptiveHost, just email me or give me a call.

[email protected]
[email protected]

emailed ya