Flash with ASP.NET sombody please help

Hello there
This is my first post so please be gentle. I was wondering if somebody could please give me some advice on Flash and ASP.NET.

I am fairly familliar with both and was wondering if it is possible to design a website with flash and intergrate asp.net as the back end database source?

I use flash cs3 to create dynamic websites and use visual studio to develope asp.net websites.

is it possible to intergrate both of these together and make one site? if so can someone tell me how or point me into the right direction.

I’ve heard flex is a good one to use but i dont have really any knowledge on flex so if this is more feasible, again can someone point me into the right direction of where to find the best tutorials and what it is i need to do?

The website I am wanting to create is a website with loads of flash features but also is able to sell products on the site. basically an e commerce site with a rich user interface eg. Flash

many thanks in advance for your replys and also your time