Flash wiz's!

Someone dissect this, PLEASE…! =)


I saw that b4. Nice.

h88 8]

All I can say is hoooo mama. That’s so complex, especially how it springs and stuff.

I don’t even need to see it. It is tough. Involves way too much for me, and Pom admitted a while ago (on the old eZboard forums) that it was beyond him.

Its beautiful tho.

Yeah… It is made by Wireframe Studios, they are definitely way advanced for me. And if Ilyas can’t do it, then I am suprised someone on this earth can :beam:

that is intense

Let’ see :: starts anylyzing it ::

Okay… Now I can figure this out if you really really REALLY wanna know how… But it’s not going to be pretty… lol… it’s gonna be hard and advanced beyond belief…

It involves creating joints and rotations along with elasticity and spring type action… Not only thatbut you have to time everyhting to get it to work right as well.

Ohh… How to start dissecting this… Basically do this:

See each of those red points… Those are the points in which eahc body part is attached by… Which I might add… If I move someone’s hand… The body would NOT move along with the hand… Unless I moved his hand far beyond reach… lol

Basically… They created a basica skeleton of a human being. And using human physics they figured out theat when a leg is constrained to a certain position a guy will walk in a type of manner like shown. And so on and so on…

Let’s look at the basics of moving an arm… Stand up and put your arm by your side… Now start swinging your arm… Notice that unless you force your arm to be straight… That your forearm will slightly bend when going forward… Makes like a Small 15 degree angle I’d have to say… This starts off a human beings physics… Just watch someone walk and notice how he naturally bounces kind-a and the way his front leg extends to reach but the pivoting leg bends and retracts… It’s putting formulas and algorithms into connected body parts…

I think I could make a demo of something like a human being… But I know it would take a while to get the forumals right and everything… And I’d do it if I needed it… But I don’t plan on making any games that involve somehting like that… Sorry bud… hehe…

Basically… Rotating and Connected Movie Clips with base formulas and algorithms for human being movement.

I think… lol Peace