Flash XML News Tab

A few days ago, I have made a flash XML news tab for my website.

All images are loaded from a folder only once. It has auto play/pause button. Please check it and let me know your opinions. Hope it will be useful for you.

Wow Minthu, as usual, great work!

Can you please explain what you said : “All images are loaded from a folder only once” - is this why there is no preloader?

Thanks minthu

Hi Beebs,

All images are loaded only once into each movie clip. So it does not load again and again into only one movie clip for rotating different images when you click on buttons or in auto play mode.

minthu, the flash xml news tab is great!

i was working on it today and would like to make the images load below the play buttons and the item_number_group. i tried moving the fm_pic symbol to a layer at the bottom, and couldn’t make it work. i also tried experimenting with changing the load level of this - item.fm_pic.loadMovie.

i’m not that proficient with flash. if you can help me, i would appreciate it.

You can do this way after line no. 72.

change_menu_item(0); // the default item on load
For previous and next buttons, you need to change them as movieclip instances first. Also, You may need to edit this movieclip.

Then you can put…


Nice one fella