Flash5 vs Swift2

Does swift have all the features that flash5 does?
Can I create the same effects with Swift2?


There is a thread in the swish forum in which the poster asks the same exact thing… We have quite a lengthy convo there about it.

here is the link


As for Swift3D vers 2.0, I am under the impression that it has less features than even swish, though it’s purposes are a little different. Swift3D is a great companion to flash… hell I use it in conjunction with painter6 and photoshop to make text effects. (I actually think that it works better for this purpose than the whole flash stuff.)
Well… Swift doesn’t have Action Script… none at all… so that means, no buttons, no reusable movie clips, nothing that Flash has. This cripples it’s usefulness as anything but a companion.

I do however, HIGHly recomend it, or one of it’s contemporaries as a companion to flash. The ability to render simple vector 3D images, is very limited in this version of Flash… so one program or another is necessary.
NOTE: Flash 6.0, from what I’ve seen, looks like it will have a lot of the features from programs such as swish, and swift. This could be important, as these programs may become obsolete, or at least justify paying the extra price for Flash6.0.

Hope it’s helped… have fun Flashing… what ever you choose.