Hey everybody. I am just impressed with everything I’m finding out about web design like flash and swift. The thing is i know nothing about nothing besides the basic tutorials in flash 5, here at, and at I’m really at the bottom step. I was recently appointed webmaster for my fraternity. I have come up with some great designs on paper and I need to know where I should start and what language i need to start learning (should I bother with HTML)? Should I start working with swift v2 because of the user friendly interface? or is it for advanced users only? I appreciate any kind of help you could give me. Feel free to email me. Thanks!

Well if you want to present a site with a nice layout you are going to want to have an HTML studio like Dreamweaver or Frontpage and maybe learn some Javascript, CSS, and DHTML to improve the look of your text, tables, ect. Swift 3D is used to make logo’s and animations but not exactly for a whole interface and thats where Flash comes in and its going to be hard as hell unless you know a little bit of Actionscript which is easy to learn with the new friends of ed book titled “Foundation ActionScript for Flash MX” by Sham Bhangal which is a good start. When it comes to making some really abstract 3D designs you can use 3D Studio Max and edit the 3D render with Photoshop which to be is just as useful to me as Flash but thats because I am a desktop publisher so its kind of a given! And more questions just reply back!