[Flash8] Problems with undefined properties in class

So I’ve got a class for a custom button I’m building. I’ve declared a view variables, but they’re getting lost. If I trace them in the OnLoad function they’re fine, but are undefined when accessed by another function in the same class. Any ideas?

This is my code:

class MenuButton extends MovieClip {
 [Inspectable(type="String", name="Link Text")]
  public var LinkText:String;
 [Inspectable(type="String", name="Link URL")]
  public var LinkURL:String;
 [Inspectable(enumeration="_self,_blank", defaultValue="_self", name="Link Target")]
  public var LinkTarget:String;
 private var HitArea:MovieClip;
 private var ButtonText:TextField;
 public function onLoad():Void {
  HitArea = this.HitArea;
  ButtonText = this.ButtonText;
  ButtonText.text = LinkText;
  HitArea.onMouseDown = GoLink;
  trace(LinkURL + ": " + LinkTarget); //Works Here
 public function GoLink() {
  trace(LinkURL + ": " + LinkTarget); //Undefined Here
  getURL(LinkURL, LinkTarget);