FlashGameLicense.com - virtual marketplace to connect game developers and buyers

Hey guys!

You might already be familiar with:

Flash Game Sponsorship – A great resource to learn how the sponsorship process works with lots of tips and advice on how to get the best possible deal.

Flash Game Blogs – Perfect for checking the latest game news/reviews and thoughts of prominent flash game developers. [I’m still accepting submissions]

I’m extremely excited to announce the latest addition to the ‘FlashGame’ family of sites. Chris Hughes (ch00se) and I have built this site together and are both working hard to make it a success!
Flash Game License– A virtual marketplace to connect portals (or other game buyers) with developers. It supports all kinds of license types (exclusive licenses, sponsorships, non-exclusive, MochiAds, revenue sharing, etc).**

There is lot to say about the site but I’m sure the most important question you have is “Does it work?’ and I’m happy to say ‘Yes. It does.”
Between my previous agent services and the start of this new site we have already brokered:**

4 Games over $3000
3 Games between $2000-$3000 (1 pending)
3 Games between $1000-$2000 (1 pending)
15+ Games under $1000.

Additionally we have sold over 20 non-exclusive licenses (2 over $500, the rest in the $100-$500 range) and setup tons of API deals ($50-100ish to integrate high scores with a portals site on previously released games).

We have nearly 100 games listed on the site and over 40 sponsors signed up. We are getting new games and seeking out new sponsors every day.

If you have read through FlashGameSponsorship or talked to other successful developers you know that it is IMPERATIVE to get your game in front of as many portals or buyers as possible in order to the get the best price. However, that can be a time consuming process and it’s incredibly frustrating to write out 30 emails and only get a few responses back. You can read a bit more here – [URL=“http://www.flashgamesponsorship.com/regular-content/regular-content/agent-services.html”]Flash Broker Services – for examples on how much more a game can receive when it is marketed properly.

FlashGameLicense.com simplifies this process and opens it up to all games big or small. If your game is “top-tier” then Chris and I will also personally email, IM and call the biggest sponsors to make sure they know about it! I can not understate how important this is in getting you the best possible deal.

Currently we are offering service for free although we are requesting a 10% commission from the developer if they believe our help was worth it. So far, nearly every developer has offered this to us after the deal. It is completely at your discretion.

If you are interested in uploading your game we request that you site lock it to www.flashgamelicense.com

It is also best practice to encrypt your game. Only approved sponsors are allowed to view your games but it never hurts to be extra cautious with your valuable IP. Many people will also put a clear ‘demo’ or other ‘branded text’ over the top of the game.

You can also upload ‘work in progress’ and update your build as you game nears completion. Often this can be a way to build interest (and potentially get some feedback) on your game during the development process. This is most value to developers that have already produced successful high end games since sponsors will have more trust that the final ‘polish’ will be added.

If you still have distribution rights to some of your old games (ArcadeTown and Kongregate sponsorship often allow this) you can upload the game and mark it as only being available for a non-exclusive license. There are a lot of new start-ups with venture capital looking to emulate the success of Habbo Hotel, Club Penguin and other popular sites. Many are looking to take quality existing games, add their own branding and APIs, and get a version that is only playable on their site. They often pay between $250-$1000 for this depending the quality and type of game.

Chris and I are both game developers (Asteroids Revenge, [URL=“http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/410151”]Sola Rola , [URL=“http://www.kongregate.com/games/ch00se/juggle-trouble”]Juggle Trouble) so we have an ‘idea’ of things from your side of the fence and understand how much work and love goes into creating a great game. Our primary goal is to get YOU the best possible deals and value for your hard work.

Please let us know if you have any questions. I hope we get the opportunity to work with you!