Flashing Pic

I see some sites with a picture where you click on it there is a flashing effect and links you to somwhere else.
Does anyone know how to create that flash effect?

that’s quite vague. can you link to an example or be a bit more descriptive please.

its something like the flashing from one picture to the next after you press enter on the main page in that site

instead i want to know how to make the effect where someone clicks on a picture for example and causing that flashing effect

another site with this effect http://www.kajinku.com/kajinkumain.html
click on nav to see what i mean :\

I got 2 ideas. 1st if you want it as a button make the image a button double click on it to enter the mode for the stages of the button.

Put a keyframe in the over state. then press F8 and set it as a movie clip.

Then double click the image to enter symbol editing mode. then put in 2 other keyframes so there is 3 keyframes.

Click on the 2nd keyframe, then press CTRL+I(pc) Command+I(mac) after you have the instance panel open click on effect. then choose brightness and bring it up to the desired stage of white.

click on the 3rd Keyframe and leave it as it is but add an action to go back and play frame 1 of the current scence. It Should only change it to go back and play the begining of the symbol.

Hopefully this helps… if it doesn’t Iam sorry. if you ned further help you can contact me by AIM: KunvolseIBM05 or E-Mail: [email protected]

experiment with the up,over, hit while creating the button