Need help with this special effect

hey guys… can anyone explain how this special effect is done… once you get to that site click on “porfolio” button and on the right site there are few buttons … when you put ur cursor over it, it like… blinks… (kinda i guess…) so can anyone tell me how to do this?! or even better… make one and send it to me… thanx ! :slight_smile:

U meant the blinking? turn the image into all white on the mouseover function for the button, and set the white image to appear in less than 1 sec, i suppose…

im not trying to amke a button like that… i want to make … when the page loads up, i want my template to blink(i guess :D)… how can you do that… can you explain it more specifically?

Like this?

yes!! like that! but i wanna know how i can apply that to my website template :smiley: if you can help me that will be great!
btw thanx for tha example :smiley: