Flashlevel Navigation Recreation

Recreation of the Flashlevel navigation, requested by Simplistik. A little addition has been made to show a caption on rollover. However, you a free to choose your own rollover animation, whether or not with the caption. You can use the caption somewhere else as well and then use it as a title instead of a caption … This menu uses an XML file to store links, image paths and captions in.

[swf=http://www.voetsjoeba.com/lab/view/flnav.swf]width=700 height=500[/swf]

Download: http://downloads.voetsjoeba.com/?1099254535

thats pritty niffy stuff

no offence but which is the latest version fla of the flashlevel scroller

i got the impression it had been altered slightly over time since this thread began

also if any one is interested I have a question @…

wow [COLOR=DarkRed]Suspire[/COLOR] out of months of people asking the SAME question on this thread and people jumbling around code and what not you deserve a ribbon for posting a SWF and FLA that ACTUALLY loads content like images and swfs instead of urls YAY to you good buddy.

Can you please post your solution? I have the same problem. I want to reduce the size but everything is getting distorted and stretched.


Simplistik, Voetsjoeba or some one else…

(I have the horizontal nav)
Is it possible to get the thumbOverAnim to dynamically fit the images that are being loaded in? say… when they ahve different widths?

I can’t seem to figure this out!