Flex and Xcelsius integration

My question pertains to Business Objects software Xcelsius 2008 which we are using to create a dashboarding application. Xcelsius uses a copy of an Excel spreadsheet and creates a locally bound version then severs the connection with the original spreadsheet. Therefore, after loading in my Flex component into Xcelsius 2008, how do I create properties for the component so Xcelsius will allow me to bind the Excel data grid to elements of my Flex component?

I have a post at the following forums:


I have been able to create a Bar/Column Chart in Flex and bring it into Xcelsius. The new Xcelsius component can have data bound to it dynamically from the spreadsheet, however, it does not function correctly. The {dataprovider} values are mis-configured, etc. so the graphs do not work as desired.

Any thoughts?
Thank you in advance.
Alex Dove