Flex users, about PNG's

I use PNG’s a lot, in pretty much everything I do.

One of the things I love about Flash is it’s ability to compress a PNG, whilst retaining the transparency. Also it seems to do a great job on compression full stop, whilst introducing not too many ugly JPG artifacts.

For example using a compression setting of 65 in Flash, I can get a PNG down to 1/10th of it’s original size, and still look fine for fast moving graphics.

Now using the [Embed] tag in Flex just Embeds the uncompressed PNG, and reading through the livedocs etc, there seems to be no method of compressing an Embedded PNG.

For offline work it’s not a problem, but for online work one obviously wants as small a file size as possible.

I’m starting to think Flash CS4 as the compiler + Flash develop as the IDE might be my best solution.

So for Flex users, do you have a workaround for compressing PNG’s?