Flickering on button click

Hi there,

I’ve got a tiny problem that I can’t seem to figure out. When you click the buttons on the movie, it seems to flicker and show a frame from the last scene before the other movies load up:


any ideas how to fix this? I’m a tad stumped.

please post the fla

Okay, what I see is not exactly anything flickering. I assume you have a background MC, with the logo and the listing of different services on the left. And you have a second one that loads/holds the subpages from the topbuttons.
Everytime you load a new subpage, you replace the former one, it’s empty for a while, while the next page loads and you see the background shining through…

that’s what I think I see :wink:
You might speed up the animations a little. Site makes you feel like you’re using a very old and slow computer :slight_smile:

I am still in love with my 8086 :nerd:

Anyhow, I can’t tell you exactly how your movie looks like but i am assuming that you have a “second” frame where the link redirects. Did you check if your menu is in that frame aswell? Else you might want to get it out. Or you could post the .fla so we can see what happens. (and stanley can increase the framerate) :stuck_out_tongue:



I grew up with the good ol’ XT’s, AT’s , 386’s , 486’s, etc… so I’d never look down on them.

And the framerate ‘tip’ was meant in de best possible way.


Sorry I didnt get back sooner, been enjoying the sun.

Heres the fla:


Go gerrem!

anybody? :frowning:

Check if dis works

same problem :frowning:

I’ve moved the buttons so that they are on their own each individual Layer. Still getting the flash (no pun intended) :slight_smile: