Flipping images

Hey guys I’m working on a project and I’m stuck with something that probably will be very simple to solve if you know the solution.

Don’t mind frame 1, just go to frame 2.
From here we start.
Layer “Celine” has a movieclip in it with 3 buttons. Those 3 buttons each represent some information that will be shown when pushed on.
If you push a button, the movieclip with buttons included will blur out then jump to the frame the information is on. (btn 1=celine/frame1, btn 2=celine/frame2, btn 3=celine/frame3)
Everything works well untill I start putting images on frame 2 or 3 in the movieclip celine. Then movieclip celine starts looping for no reason.
I tryed using a stop(); on every frame of the movieclip. When clicking a button I used the gotoAndStop();. But nothing helped and I’m out of idees.

The fla is attached and also the swf. the b-version is the one thats not working.
So please feel free!