Using A Button To Display Images on Frames Within a Seperate Movie Clip

So how do i do this? I’m finding it frustrating.

The way i have set it up is as such. Look at this image for reference.

Okay in the lower left hand corner i have a movie clip with a group of buttons in it. On the right hand side i have another movie clip with the instance name of img_mc, with multiple images in it which i wish to display when i press the buttons in the first movie clip.

Inside img_mc I have set up each frame with an image on it, and a stop action above so that i can specify a button to go to that frame once released and stay there.

Problem is i don’t know how to code the buttons in the first movie clip. I assume you click on them and put something like this as the action -

*on (release) {


Which is where i have tried to access the individual frames within the clip *img_mc by pressing on the Insert a Target Path key and locating a frame for it to rest on. No prompt comes up to select a frame though. How would i get it to play a frame within that movie clip and go to the image i want?

Help would be much appreciated :slight_smile: