Flipping or rolling button

anyone know how to make a button so that it appears to be a box or a cube and when its rolled over it shows a differnt colour. like the nav in this website


What nav? Each gallery image?

no the navigation for the site. ie… biography, contact etc in the bottom left corner

Man, that is so dark I still can barely notice it… Maybe I should brighten my monitor… Anyway, like this?

awesome thanks

Do it frame by frame with a button that contains the movie clip on the ‘over’ state (with a stop(); function at the end of the movie clip, of course).

This is a simple method… but it will do. If that’s not what your looking for, tell me (PM or something).


edit: wow, I feel dumb. OK guys, I didn’t see the attachments up there… I guess the page didn’t load right the first time.