Floater banners? Help

Hey all!!!
I was wondering if anyone knows how to make those floater things that appear on sites time to time usually advertising something. I think there made with flash…
If anyone can explain how to make them or point me to a tutorial it would be of great help.

I attached screenshot of one of them if you didnt understand what i was talking about…

Are you sure you want to make one? They are pure evil. The most irriatating thing that can possibly be done to a browser. Worse than popup.

Well im interested in knowing how they work and then I would like to integrate one into my site instead of using a popup, my interest is not advertising:)

Oh and what do u mean by pure evil? lol

It would be great if you could help me…

Can someone please help me???

read macromedias’ news…

param name=“Wmode” value=“Transparent”

and layers

Im sorry but I dont understand…
Could you be a bit clearer pls:)

Well aside from them being pure pure pure evil, they only work in IE on Windows, so aside from the script to get that to work you need a script to check browser and tell it to load if it is the right browser. Which isn’t hard, but it makes it more evil that is discriminates against browsers :stuck_out_tongue:


K thx for the information and thx for the link :slight_smile:
Btw is there any good alternatives to these pure evil floating banners?

lost - not true - it worx on nsc too…

Transparent Windowless backgrounds on Flash movies don’t work in Netscape fluid_one. So unless you want a big solid block over your content :wink: (assuming nsc is your very odd way of saying netscape)


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lost - go to http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/ts/documents/wmode.htm
and read it carefully…:sigh:

yes - nsc = NetSCape

Its NetScape not NetSCape…lol, im just used to seeing NS or NSN (netscape navigator), never saw nsc before that I can recall.

And wow, I swear I have the most recent player and transparent flash doesn’t work. I tested it just to make sure, it doesn’t work for me. Interesting. I may reinstall the plug-in, see what happens.

Thanks for that link, I woulda been clueless to this since it doesn’t work for me.

Wow, that was weird. I removed then reinstalled the Flash Plugin for Mozilla and now it DOES work.

I just updated my plugin last week when I re-downloaded Mozilla, so I wonder why it didn’t work. Eh, oh well, it works now and that is all that matters to me.

told ya!

np btw :beam:

You most definitely did :stuck_out_tongue:

And I am glad.



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