Transparency of flash movie in HTML

Ok, everyone (or at least a lot of people) know about the transparency option for a flash movie, if you tweak the properties for it, when embeded into a HTML document…

Also, anyone who has tried it, knows that it won’t work on Netscape… or in Macintosh (there neither I.E. or N.N. show transparency)

Well… transparent swf is so cool and useful, that is’t a shame to not use it, if we are to stick to the standarization and cross browser caracteristics a professional website should have (don’t give me that 75% deal on I.E. vs. Netscape… N.N. has a pretty good release in 6.1, and finally the blockheads that manage it’s development understood that N.N. was doomed if it didn’t run Style Sheets)


the options?..

I go for simply making the swf not show, if the page detects that the client is running a N.N. browser. Of course the SWF can’t be an information or navigation critical component, just a detail to give life to a website…

My questions are then…

How do you do that?
Is there an actionscript that can tell the movie to go alpha=“0”
if it detects N.N.?
Or how about an HTML or DHTM tag?
Or even a js???..


Thanx in advance for your help.

(NOTE: I’m not a developer, just a simple minded designer. So be gentle… hehe)

there are settings in the publish settings for that. look under HTML>Window mode, or something. it should be an option in one of the drop-downs. or, you can put this in the same line (in HTML) as your flash declaration:


my footer currently is running like that. since it’s white on white, it doesn’t really make much difference. i thought this forum had different color backgrounds :frowning:

To do a detection you would have to use a standard Java Script detection which passed a statement to the flash player. (though I think that you could probebly write into the js code a statement which does not embed the object unless a person is using Window’s IE.)

I’m all for a good solution to this one my friends… I personaly hate that my site cannot be properly seen on a Mac computer at all. Standards are what makes the business flow, but incompatabilities are what juice our brains for solutions.

This is funny…
Right now, I was going to post a question asking what the wmode was for, and here’s the thread…coincidence?
Anyway, I’d really like to know more 'bout this, how and why and when is this used?
Would anybody mind going into a little detail here?
For the player detection, you can download the Flash Dispatcher Comportment from Macromedia, which offers quite a lot of options for Flash Detection and resulting redirects, and integrates with Dreamweaver.
Browser issues: I don’t see why I should use another browser than IE, which comes with Windows, is free, and is used by the vast majority of people on the Web, so after spending lots of hours making HTML-based pages compatible with NN just because of some stupid 1pix differences in layout, I’m fed up and will have content in Flash 5 (get the plug-in NOW!) and f…Netscape (sorry 4 the bad language)!
This should maybe be discussed, if need be, in another thread though…
So, what the hell is this wmode-thing used/ usefull for?

Thanks for the replies…

Sadly it’s not as simple as not counting in Netscape. Any important user could be a N.N. user. and thus, someone who would have problems with a site that does not count in this lack of standarization. Gotta look for an answer still.

I still believe the answer is simply not to show whatever is not viewable by N.N. including this transparency option. Or to display optional objects, that do run on this very stiff browser.

Anyway, keep it up, any help is welcome.

How do I tell the page in a js code or anything else, to identify the browser, and not show the swf, because if it shows… it will not apply the transparency.

Man, you’re in for A LOT of work!
If you want to detect everything from NN4 to 6, IE 4 to 6, Mac and PC, good luck!
But if that’s what you want, you can have your detection on your index.html and from there, make pages for NN and the more “flashy” content on other pages for IE, so NN users will never even see them (replace by animated gifs :-).
I can’t be bothered to look up the sniffing scipt, there’s lots of them out there, do a search on Google or at for it…

Thanks eyezberg, I wasn’t exactly asking for you specifically to take the time and look it up, simply wondering if anyone out there had a solution at hand (not necesarily a simple one, I know it’s a lot of work).

Sadly the flashy content is on every page of this particular website, it’s, like I said before, not a navigation or information critical item. Just a detail to add finese to the site. Though in Netscape, because of lack of transparency, it hide some stuff that ARE navigation critical. That’s why I go for the option of hiding it if the browser is N.N.

Thanks for the google link… I’ll look there.

Well… I tried pasting the javascript in here, in another topic… but the forum won’t allow script statements to be pasted into the text…
I found it, and it works like a dream.
If anyone is interested please write to my email, and I’ll gladly send it to you…

What it does: You can redirect the users to any URL you want, depending on what browser and browser version they use!!! Can’t get any more useful than that!! :slight_smile:


[email protected]

See, 't was easy to find…these scripts are really usefull, but then you have to make at least one more page for NN, maybe more if you check for Mac compatibility too…
Glad you found it…

Cool… I didn’t know what you were refering to in the other thread. :slight_smile:

If you want to post stuff in these forums one way of accomplishing it is to use ‘{’ and ‘}’ instead of ‘<’ and ‘>’
just put a little warning for people to switch them or the newbies will get really lost. :slight_smile: