Florida Teacher Arrested for Sexual Acts

I caught a quick news cap of this 23 teacher who was arrested for having sex 3 times with a 15 year old student.

I heard them calling it an wanted sexual harrasment. I think for any 15 year old male a hot blonde teacher hitting on you is not un wanted.

They did have some crazy stats about 1 in 10 students have some sexual harrasment from a school teacher.

Any thoughts?

I think that teacher should have gotten a promotion and a raise. God bless her! :thumb: That kid is one lucky bastard!!! Lol!

You know the images Dropkick’s attached doesn’t do the teacher justice.

I saw her in a bikini in the newspaper today because apparently she used to be a model and let me tell ya, she’ hot :drool:

This is her as well…Lucky bastard kid :m:

EDIT: found another page, looky here http://www.uselessjunk.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=593 :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah!

I’d so do her if she was my teacher!

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Oh my gosh!!! You immature kids, lucky I don’t ban you!


lol. I bet the kid’s dad has never been so proud!

What I don’t get is why the hell did the moron let the secret get out. A catch like that is a one in a million to a 15 year old.


No! Don’t say that! No!!
It isn’t! No! :krazy:


Forget the apple!..she gets a banana.

** backs away from orionstar, smiling and avoiding eye contact **

I feel sorry for the poor guy shes married to. He’s the real victim in all this

…well him and his wife when she goes dow…I mean goes to prison :wink:

The teacher did get a raise… a few actually… from the kid and every other boy in the class if you get what i mean

Yeah, I’ve thought about that as well… How sad must it be if your wife runs off to cheat on you with a 15-year old… Gotta eat at your selfconfidence :lol:

Well maybe, the 15 year old was like a thoroughbred while her husband was a donkey, <wink> and she preferred to go “of to the races”, rather than do the “Juan Valdez”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha lol :lol:

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Am I the only person who thinks that this whole teacher/student thing is wrong? Teach the kid some self control or give him that salt peter thing that people were talking about in the other thread :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO, highly publicized incidents like this make the lives of hard-working, underpaid teachers even more difficult by making parents even more reluctant, for example, to send their borderline failing student to private tutoring.

On a more a serious note, …well people will always be people. There will always be discord, and always has been. I am NOT rooting for anarchy or wrong doing ( on the contrary), what I am saying is that there will always be a margin for error, a time where vagaries will “over-ride” the norm and what is “right”. We are all human and we all have our fallacies that one time or another, big or small , may put us in an uncompromising position. We glean what we can from those times and move on, hopefully as a better person, spirit and evolve.

But way too many folks watch and point, judge and “throw rocks”.
The unfriendly lady you walked by at the local store may had just seemed like a “b*tch”, but she may had been someone who may have lost their job, a lover, ok or maybe just had cramps. But the point is , everyone hurts and everyone needs some slack. In no way am I condoning a “blind eye” ( Let justice be served ),but suggesting that we not forget that WE are all human and imperfect.

2 darn funny!!! :thumb: