let me know how I could improve the flower…Yes, I know this effect has been done before, credit to pixelranger. I am trying to use a similar effect. Thanks.
[swf=http://www2.hawaii.edu/~djacso/flower.swf]width=275 height=200[/swf]

I like it i guess its kinda fast

maybe I should slow it a bit

It looks good and I think the speed was fine. Nice attention to details.
The second wave of it drawing in looks a little over done. It looks more like spiderwebs and less like a flower. Perhaps try having the flower mask in as well instead of having it kinda flicker in seperate of the drawn in lines.

i definitely agree.

Nice job :thumb:.

I’d give the flower more perspective though. Distort and slant it a little or something. This way it doesn’t look like your view is just looking at the flower and/or on top of it :).

  • Reefy

I think you are right, I was trying to get a wireframe look, but it does look more webbed than wireframed. I will give the flower itself a mask or a quick alpha tween in. Thanks everyone, thanks reef

It should have more of a transition [more gradual]… it is so abrupt.

to give the flower more of a wire frame look, add vertex points!

Yay! Vertex Points! :nerd:

vertex points? the ones at the intersection of the wireframe?

yes wherever 2 lines meat… u put a point :slight_smile:

like this :slight_smile:

[swf=http://www.3dnirvana.com/Test WireBack.swf]width=550 height=400[/swf]

//thanks berko

the same code u used in ur footer :slight_smile:

i would try to make the second wave more random