Flv contentPath uneditable

I had previously imported a bunch of videos into a flash file.

I took the FLVPlayback’s off the stage to reorder them (outside of a scrolling movie clip straight onto the stage)

I dragged the FLVPlayback icon from the library to the stage in an empty keyframe. opened up parameters and:

Problem one
Despite having the skin set to clearoverplayseekmute with autohide, it is showing arcticexternalall on the stage and in the movie tests.

Problem two
when I attempt to set the contentPath, I simply type in the FLV’s filename.FLV and it automatically roots it to my harddrive location… fine for testing the movie, but obviously it won’t work when I put it on the net.

Is problem one really a problem? Will that sort itself out once I upload it to the net?

How can I force the proper contentPath?