I hate flash video

im using the flv player component and set the content path in the params panel to a video…it plays fine. I then have an array of videos and a list to choose from…when you click on the list it chooses a video from the array, however its not setting the content path correctly…it keeps using the one that I sent in the params panel…If I remove the contentPath from the params panel it says unable to contact flv on server or something like that…heres my code…

var numButtons:Number = 7;
import com.mosesSupposes.fuse.*;
tcDisplay.autoSize = true;

var vidList:Array = new Array("intro.flv","responsibility.flv","postvention.flv","prevention.flv","intervention.flv","maintaining.flv","credits.flv");

for (var i = 1; i <= numButtons; i++) {
    this["link" + i].id = i;
    this["link" + i].onRollOver = function() {
    this["link" + i].onRollOut = function() {
    this["link" + i].onRelease = function() {

function loadVid(itemID) {
    vidPlayer.contentPath = vidList[(itemdID - 1)];

if I trace out vidList[(itemdID - 1)] in the loadVid function, its tracing the correct path name, its just not setting it…any ideas?