FMX Background sound question

Please, I am a complete Flash AS newbie and have a little problem with a site I am building for a friend.

I am using Flash MX and have built a movie which includes a Flash component by Israel Cazares - ‘Audio set component’. It is a nice simple mp3 player. I can manage to get this working OK.

Now my friend would like some backgroung music loop to play when the site loads and stops when the audio component’s play button is pressed.

I have read Kenny Bellew’s tutorial about working with sound objects and can define a sound object and get it to start playing (I think) but I don’t know how to stop it when someone starts to play a mp3 using the audio component.

A little help would be greatly apreciated. Is this a relatively simple thing to do? As I said I’m not that knowledgeable about AS

K :sigh: