[FMX] calling the same function twice

the who.say in the following function refers to a var displayed inside a dynamic text box.

when I tryed to call the function twice, from the same MC, only with different Who’s and What’s, it didn’t work. only one call displayed the text. any idea why?

//who is talking, what is he saying, and for how long his text is displayed*
function saythat(who, what, fortime) {
starttime = getTimer();
this.onEnterFrame = function() {
if (getTimer() - starttime < fortime) {
who.say = what;
else {
who.say = “”;
delete this.onEnterFrame;

huge thanks!

Here. a Light version. It’s supposed to be a quest like convesetion. you pick a sentece, (only one option, for now), which should be displayed as if the green box said it. the white box should reply to your sentence.

right now, the white box replys, but the green box refuses to write down what it supposed to.

again, big thanks.